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Simple function buttons

-If you have rights to edit this Google site, you will see four buttons    

    1. a pencil which means EDIT

    2. a page with a + sign which means ADD NEW PAGE

    3. a More button which allows you to modify the site layout and pages

    4. a SHARE button that will allow you to give others access.

To add a new page

    1. Click the button with a page and addition sign next to "Edit."

    2. You will be given the options to select where this page is located. 

    3. This is not extremely crucial, as you can set links for this page wherever you would like (either in the top navigation buttons or on the left most navigation links. 

    4. You can also select what type of page to create. 

    5. Usually you want a plain WEB PAGE. (keep in mind you can always change this later).

To edit a page

You simply press the pencil button in the upper left hand corner of the page you would like to edit. From here, it is as simple as editing a word document. You can insert images, write text with various formatting, add links, etc.

To add an image

Click EDIT (pencil) then INSERT in the top toolbar (all the way to the left)
-From this list, choose image and then select the file from your computer.

To add a link

    1. Click EDIT (pencil) then the link button in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the page. 

    2. Click “web address” in the middle of the choices on the left, and fill in your link in the bottom box and what you want the view to see (such as CLICK HERE, etc) in the top box. 

    3. After all changes to a page-- click SAVE in the upper right hand corner, and they will be saved and visible to site users.

To add an item to the sidebar

    1. Click “More” in the upper right hand corner of the site

    2. Select “Manage Site” in the drop down menu

    3. Click “Site Layout” in the left hand menu

    4. From here you can edit current things in the sidebar or add new ones.

    5. Click “Add a sidebar item” and select the type from the list.
-If you want to add simple text, or links, add a Text box from the list.

    6. Click to edit the new item you just added. 

    7. Be sure to save.

Remember that Google Sites can be as complex or simple as you would like them to be! Try to lay them out in a way that makes sense for end users to follow :)

To add events to your Compliance Calendar (that will show on your website):

To create a new event:
    1. Open your Google Calendar.

    2. Click on the day you would like to create this event.

    3. Click “Edit Event”

    4. Name your event

    5. In the drop down next to “Calendar” Select “Compliance” from the list-- this will add the event to the website calendar for all of HR to see rather than keeping it on your personal calendar.

    6. Continue to fill out the event like normal and invite people and click save.

To copy an existing event to the website calendar:

    1. Click on the event you would like to copy.

    2. Click “Edit Event”

    3. At the top of the menu to the right of the red SAVE button, there is a drop-down that says “More Actions”

    4. Click the drop down and select the line that says “Copy to Compliance”

    5. Click Save.

To add people who can add events to your calendar:

    1. Find the Compliance calendar in your list of calendars.

    2. Wave your cursor over it and you should be able to see an arrow on the right side of the bar.

    3. Click that and select CALENDAR SETTINGS from the drop down menu.

    4. In the window that opens, click “Share this Calendar” -- it is the second choice in the top toolbar.

    5. At the bottom of this page under “Share with specific people,” you will see a list of names and emails that are already on this calendar. To add, simply click into the box where it says
        “Enter email address” and then select “make changes to events” next to their name after you click add.

    6. Click Save at the bottom.

    7. They will be sent an email that tells them a calendar has been shared with them and then they will be able to add events using the directions above as well.